PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Mowed the lawn after I got home from work yesterday, which apparently wiped me out for the rest of the night. I was falling asleep trying to sort Jyhad cards, and watching cartoons (!)

The downside here being, RQ is sick with a high fever, which sucketh. This also throws all plans for the first half of the week into question, including tonight's book club (for which I dutifully didn't finish the book, because it was lame.) I might have stayed home from work today to help with bebe, if I wasn't the only NOC person here.

Friday, party went well, though of course we had to leave early to relieve babysitters. Saturday, 40k MegaBattle, which was awesome. Very well run, probably the most well-run I have seen, and the first I can remember completing. Afterwards, watched the first couple episodes of Homicide on DVD and man, I am digging it. Plus, Baltimore humor.

The article you should find time to read today: the "professor of chaos" and father of counterterrorism in the US.

And I need to get down to Silver Spring to see They Might Be Giants in Gigantic. (Link courtesy Operative X.)

Newly built baseball stadiums don't draw the droves of people that they used to. (Probably because baseball sucks.) Anyways, this just reminds me I want to read this book.

Fortune Cookie: "Good things will come to you in due time."
Zoe's new nickname: Gringo McFeisty

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