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Top read: on Cheney's history with Iran, including a record of subverting US sanctions. Just, wow.

Mr. Froomkin covers Bush's secret Iraq deal. Grr.

"In other words, the Iraq issue should be about the future rather than the present."

* US to reopen the Maher Arar case.
* New Senate reports how the administration overstated the evidence against Iraq. NYTimes editorial here.
* Senate Republicans block climate change bill. Thanks guys.
* Abu Aardvark on the Awakening movement.
* Chris Cillizza on the top contenders in the Obama veepstakes.
* BAGnewsNotes on what went wrong for the Clinton campaign. And another pithy wrapup by Andres Martinez.
* Does McCain support Bush's illegal wiretaps?
* Heh. "Is there a way John McCain can win the presidency without giving another speech?"

Cast set for Prince of Persia movie... with a lot of white people. Feh.

The AV Club presents eighteen obscenely wealthy comic-book and cartoon characters.

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