PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The Bush administration, bowing to a court order, has released a fresh summary of research pointing to harmful impacts in the United States from human-caused global warming."

"The worldwide boom in commodities has come to this: Even guano is in strong demand once again."

* Analysis: McClellan's book would be a good teaching tool for future administrations. Surprisingly good read.
* Wowzah! Memo to Scott McClellan: Here's what happened. McClatchy steps up in a big way.
* The suicide rate among soldiers hit a new record high rate last year.
* Court rules against Texas for seizing the children from the Jeffs' cult's ranch.
* Various luminaries on predicting Israel's future.
* Man. Oil prices are high, so thefts of restaurant grease are up.
* Was Stonehenge a burial ground?

Your Friday reading: the normalization of oral sex.

The AV Club interviews Jackson Publick, one of the geniuses behind The Venture Bros.

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