PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Lost...

And, poof.

* Previously: "It's a measure of last resort." "We were not supposed to leave."
* And, we're back to Kate's car pulling off in the flashforward. The first scene in the final episode of season 4 ties into the last episode of season 3. "We have to go back?!"
* "Him! Of all people." Three years have passed.
* And, Jack and Sawyer make it to the greenhouse. Hurley! Ooh, he knows they weren't looking for him.
* Oh, hi Locke.
* The ship. C4, and plenty of it. Des apparently has some explosive training. Multiple failsafes. This won't end well.
* "Did Charles Widmore tell you to kill my daughter?" -Ben
* Oh, hi Kate. WHISPERS.
* Ninjas The Others are cleaning out the mercs. Wowzah.
* SAYID. And he's a house on fire. Holy carp. And, Alpert shoots Keamy.
* "Fair enough. The helicopter is yours." -Ben
* And, Hurley. Walt! No one went to see him. But Jeremy Bentham did!
* "I'm lying because it's the only way to protect everyone who didn't make it back." -Hurley
* Hee, crackers.
* Locke wants Jack to stay. Huh.
* "I was hoping we could let bygones be bygones." -Locke
* "You know you're here for a reason."
* "You have to lie, about everything... It's the only way to protect it"
* Liquid nitrogen? Ah, freeze the bomb. "I'm pregnant."
* And the raft returns.
* "Who told you you could eat those peanuts?" -Rose
* Miles wants to stay. "Oh, no, you're very dire."
* Charlotte spent her life trying to get back to the island? "What do I mean?" Oh, Miles, you scamp.
* "Is this the magic box?" "No, John, it's not."
* Hmmm.
* Video! ORCHID. Bunny 15!
* '...unique experiments in space and time...' The vault! '...negatively charged exotic matter...' Meanwhile, Ben is piling crap in there. And plenty of metal.
* "If you mean time-traveling bunnies, then, yes." -Ben
* Elevator's going up. Uh oh.
* Hey, nice assault rifle, Sayid.
* "Let's get the hell out of here!" -Frank
* And, elevator down... KEAMY. Crazy ex-military types just won't stay dead on this island. "Who the hell are you?"

Locke: You just killed everyone on that boat!
Ben: ...So?

* And, Charlotte's staying. "Nothing's forever." Still looking for where she was born.
* "You better get everybody the hell off this boat." -Michael
* Chopper's losing fuel! Tossing weight. Sawyer whispers... "JUst do it, freckles."
* Assassin Sayid... and he's at Santa Rosa! "I want you to come with me." Somewhere safe. Bentham's dead. 'They' say it's suicide.
* "I'm finding paranoia keeps me alive." -Sayid
* "Checkmate, Mr. Eko" !
* Did the chopper get knocked off course?
* "Wherever you go, Widmore will find you." -Keamy
* Bomb diagram here.
* "You two need to go. Now." -Michael
* "I stay." -Jin
* And Des runs for it. And the chopper returns.
* "You can go now, Michael." -Christian
* Sun is freaking out, and man, it hurts.
* And now Sun's in London, and confronting Widmore. Common interests? "As you know, we're not the only ones who left the island."
* "If I were do, I'd duck." -Ben
* Mmmm, Dharma rum.
* "Nice day for a swim!" -Sawyer
* "I'm not celebrating." -Juliet
* Sawyer didn't see what happened to the chopper! Crap!
* "I'm going somewhere cold." -Ben
* "Whoever moves the island can never come back."
* And now, Locke's in charge.
* "Sorry I made your life so miserable." -Ben
* And, the Others' real camp. "Hello, John. Welcome home." -Alpert
* Tunnel. Ladder. Ice cave? Lantern. Hieroglyphics. Frozen gear wheel? "I hope you're happy now, Jacob."
* Light. Noise. GONE.
* Hey, the raft people! What happened to them?
* No second island either!
* And, crash. Water.
* Desmond, who has like ten lives or something.
* Kate. Eerie phone call. CLAIRE. "DON'T YOU DARE BRING HIM BACK."
* "Locke. He moved the island." "No, he didn't." Jack, what the hell?
* "We're going to have to lie." -Jack, catching up
* "We can't pull this off." -Kate
* Phone call, tracking station.
* Octagon Global Recruiting, huh?
* Sailing three thousand miles and one week away to some other island.
* "I'll see you in another life, brother." -Jack
* So the landing was staged after all.
* And, it's Jack's future beard. Back at the funeral home.
* GOTH BEN. "Did he tell you that I was off the island?"
* "It's dark, Jack, very dark."
* Island doesn't want him alone! They ALL have to return.
* "This is the way it has to be, Jack. You have to do it together. All of you." -Ben

Man, another winner. Well done, ladies and gentlemen, well done. More in comments.

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