PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Top read: Robert J. Samuelson says the world's greatest moral challenge is global poverty.

Andrew Cohen on New York's landmark same-sex marriage ruling.

"A double whammy for American households": Steven Pearlstein says goodbye to the mirage economy.

* You know, I really don't understand why our government is so in favor of cluster bombs.
* Possibly good news from Iran?
* Good read: Dana Milbank on the ubiquitous and enigmatic Mr. Hadley.
* George F. Will on the separation of the executive and the legislative.
* More McClellan coverage, from Chris Cillizza and Howard Kurtz. Honestly, I didn't expect this to be a big story.
* Ugh. "Only 5.7 percent of rapes officially recorded by police in England and Wales end in a conviction."
* "With the year not even half done, 2008 is already the deadliest tornado year in the United States since 1998."
* Hard-core. The senator who goes out on night recons with the special forces in Iraq.

Disney creates Kingdom Comics.

Good read: a life in blogging.

Tags: 2008, news, science!

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