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"Wait a minute; those states violated Democratic Party rules - rules that at one time Clinton supported. Now she's saying that Dems in those naughty states ought to decide what happens to their delegations. That's just wrong. And it's also wrong for her to vow - as she did - a convention fight over these delegations, if the party does not work something out before then... It's almost as if Clinton is grasping for a cause to justify her ongoing campaigning."

"Whatever Happened to Iraq?: How the media lost interest in a long-running war with no end in sight." (Courtesy vwvortexer.) (Great read.)

* Holy cats. This year's Democratic race has literally broken how campaign finance can be recorded. No matter who you support, that's awesome.
* Interesting. How the internet has affected the media, and thusly how we learn about our world.
* Fareed Zakaria on living under the narrative of fear.
* "What I do know is that war should only be waged when necessary, and the Iraq war was not necessary." -Scott McClellan
* Fact-checking McCain's balanced budget fantasies and Obama on talking to Iran.
* The AVClub interviews Joan Cusack.
* Today's 'well, yes' headline: "Church calls zombie parade blasphemous"

Wow. "Lindbergh's deranged quest for immortality."

"Science probe for 'space pistols'"

Tags: news, scary technology, science!

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