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So, here's the lesson: saying God sent Hurricane Katrina because of the gays is fine. Calling the Catholic Church 'the great whore' is OK. But saying God sent Hitler to drive out the Jews is right out. Thanks Rev. Hagee! (NYTimes editorial here.)

"Who are the bad guys rooting for in 2008?"

"What should the legal standard be for prohibiting adults from behavior that won't appreciably hurt anyone else?"

* More good news from Iraq.
* The huge KBR contract in Iraq is divided among three companies.
* A changing role for the IMF in a changing world.
* Cable prices continue to rise, but customers have few options.
* The one thing both candidates can agree on: everyone hates lobbyists.
* DC residents are unhappy with plans for a ten-story high Mormon tower on 16th street.
* Slick Rick is pardoned by the governor of New York.

On satisfying symmetry in architecture.

Today's top headline: Thieves steal 2,000 pound anchor, nobody notices
The runner-up: NASA preps for '7 minutes of terror' on Mars

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