PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"...What the story highlights is how the Administration once again ignored advice from its own career professionals - a continuing narrative, and not just on this subject - that what it was doing was not only immoral but ineffective."

"Americans tend to think of the presidency as all-powerful, but much of its authority comes from the ability to convince the public to follow, and the same is sometimes true in diplomacy."

* "The U.S. president's latest pronouncements on Iran and the Arab world generated doom and gloom on his Mideast tour."
* And, Israel confirms that it is engaged in talks with Syria. Will Bush accuse them of appeasement now?
* "That is what happens when we have a big election rather than a small one. The public understands that the country is moving in the wrong direction and demands a change. Right now, 81% of the public feels that way. I do, too."
* The FTC examines behavioral targeting online.
* What does Clinton want?
* American Airlines shoots itself in the foot.
* The Explainer on when you should drink your own urine.

One awesome obituary.

Heh. The Onion has some excellent candidate profiles.

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