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New details emerge on the debate over interrogation tactics at Guantanamo. Including that the FBI opened a 'war crimes file' at one point. Which, IMHO, should be a warning sign. (More from the Post here.) This is more evidence that torture was not just the fault of a few individuals.

Is the global terror threat on the rise, or on the decline?

"If a lawmaker is to be measured by the sheer volume of his legislative accomplishments, then Senator Kennedy has been, hands down, the most important Senator of the past half-century."

* More evidence of the White House strong-arming the EPA?
* In praise of Defense secretary Gates.
* Why we don't just send troops into Darfur.
* "It is hard to remember a time when more shifts in the global balance of power are happening at once - with so few in America's favor."
* Harold Meyerson praises the California court's decision on gay marriage.
* A federal appeals court again says the size of the dollar bill must change.
* What is the most important quality to winning a presidential campaign?
* McCain and Obama tussle over Cuba.
* Lieberman complains about YouTube videos.
* The Virginia late-term abortion ban was overturned.
* Are nanotubes as much of a health threat as asbestos? (I love stories that mention "Buckyballs".)
* Time for a remake/revamp for the Highlander franchise?

The British Blue Book: "Secret files on UFO sightings have been made available for the first time by the Ministry of Defence." (Bonus: gallery.)

Courtesy rshackleford, it's a giant lolcat tribute.

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