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As noted previously, over the weekend we took a trip to the theaters to celebrate Maia's Day with a viewing of Speed Racer. Now, the movie is officially a bomb at this point, but I think it's worth catching in theaters, if you're at all interested. adrian232 said it well when he said it set the bar for live-action cartoons. There's little to no attempts at realism in the surreal futuristic world where racing is literally everything. And the story, while not particularly deep, is more complex than I expected, and definitely has some meat to it.

And as tzel noted, it's a terribly exciting movie, even if it's not, you know, terribly good. I love love love the various obscure references to the original show. I'm also a fan of goofy surrealism, where one team of racers is the 'Viking team,' right down to the furs and hats, despite that portion of the race being in the desert. It gives it a fun, pro-wrestling feel, over-the-top and obviously not to be taken seriously. Highly enjoyable.

New trailers:
* Kung Fu Panda - Could be good, still undecided. Z. is excited. I'm entertained they're using the music from Kill Bill for the trailer.
* You Don't Mess with the Zohan - A new trailer doesn't change my opinion that this looks bad.
* Get Smart - Lookin' sharp. The cast is great.
* Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Initially the pilot for the new animated series, Lucas liked this enough to get it in theaters. I'm all for it, but the audience was... iffy on the animation style.

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