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Bush ends his Middle East junket by criticizing Arab nations. I'll believe it when I see him do something to back up his words.

Good read: Six ways the Republican party can save itself.

"Today, Kansas is a leader in a spreading national effort to make parole more effective and useful — to reduce violations and reincarcerations as it protects the public and seeks to help more offenders go straight."

* Good read: Bob Herbert on America's hard road ahead.
* Analysis: McCain's campaign hits stumbling blocks on ethics reform.
* "I just asked John McCain about why he keeps talking about Obama's alleged willingness to talk to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has no power over Iranian foreign policy, rather than Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who does."
* Roland S. Martin says we should get serious abut the flag pin controversy. And just make them mandatory.
* New study shows that girls' gains in education reform have not come at the cost of boys.
* "Plans to ban or charge for single-use plastic bags are a diversion from the real environmental issues."
* "The first thing the walruses will do when they come over is start pushing at you, pressing their heads right into your stomach. Don't let them get away with that."
* "Suddenly, a flare with the power of thousands of solar flares erupted from this red dwarf. "
* The dramatic return of Karen Allen.

"Cuts in agricultural research continue even as the growth of the global food supply slows and the population increases."

George Takei looks forward to marrying his partner of 21 years.

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