PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Aw yeah, part 1: Violent video games improve visual skills.
Part 2: no link between teen sex and condom programs.

"You may not like the word, but what's happening is occupation. Holding 3.5 million Palestinians is a bad thing for Israel, for the Palestinians and for the Israeli economy." -Ariel Sharon

* Yeah, remember that GIGANTIC tax cut? Turns out it doesn't help the poor, at all. Thanks for the last minute revision, Congressional leaders! And way to sneak in raising the federal debt limit, Mr. Bush.
* Amnesty says 'war on terror' failing, and human rights being damaged.
* Oh, I don't know here. Didn't the government previously avoid the appearance of impropriety?
* Iranian apathy may stand in the way of US efforts.
* You know Mr. Rumsfeld, it's OK to admit when you were wrong.
* US Fish and Wildlife Service runs out of money to designate land as habitat.
* Two convicted murderers request death by firing squad in Utah.
* FCC finally adjusting regulations, but will it be for the better?
* On fixing the middle school gap.
* Terms that kick ass: supernova factory.
Tags: 2003, quotes

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