PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, McCain was in favor of talking to Hamas also? (Update: he says no; you decide for yourself.)

multiplexer on the Revolution of 2008.

Chalabi is fired over ties to... Iran. Sure am glad we listened to that guy!

* Equality wins the day in California. Let's hope it sticks. Plus, LATimes Q&A. More from Time here.
* Eugene Robinson on how it was Bush that killed Reagan's legacy.
* Howard Kurtz on the promises of 'a new kind of politics.'
* Heh. Joe Klein on the appeasement smackdown.
* Germany quests for solar energy.
* On the challenges of counting polar bears. (Plus a basic Q&A on the debate.)
* Do the Japanese procrastinate better than we do?
* Fox gambles with two more genre shows for the fall, both from big names.

Whoah. Studying a man's uncanny recall in an attempt to improve memory.

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