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Previously, on Lost...

I'm a sucker for the classics.

* Previously: "It's a secondary protocol."
* Cargo, bad mojo. Oh, hey, it's the Oceanic 6.
* Dressed well, but none of them look happy.
* And, the Coast Guard plane's landed. Press, and reunions.
* Kate and Sayid really don't have anyone there.
* Hee, Rose said 'thingamabob.'
* You know, we still don't know anything about Charlotte, really.
* Phone. Headed to Orchid.
* "I'll see you in a couple hours." -Jack
* Farraday knows about the secondary protocol?
* And has some choice notes to boot. How much does he know?
* "We have to get off this island. Right now." -Farraday
* Just Kate and Jack heading to the chopper?
* "Hey, long time no see." -Miles!
* "...Tried to blow up half the New Others..." -Sawyer, hitting the nail on the head.
* "Hold up! You don't get to die alone." -Sawyer
* And, press conference. Crash site. Mumbata. Maps. Cover story, surprisingly complex (including what might be a faked rescue.)
* Cover story says eight people survived the crash, but only six made it off. So, the missing two...? And, why?
* Nadia!
* Sayid's rescue raft makes landfall.
* Orchid: greenhouse. But also where to move the island. 'Dangerous and unpredictable.'
* Ben's found some stowed supplies! "You know, those are fifteen years old."
* Also, a mirror. "Alright, now we can go."
* Farraday's offering to ferry people off, so Sayid can go chase Jack.
* (Man, I would be so happy if Farraday turned out to be a bad guy after all.)
* First trip: Jin, Sun, Aaron, and, uh, four redshirts.
* "I told you I'd get you off the island." -Jin
* And, Sun's dad. Business complications. "How could this happen?"
* Sun used her settlement to buy a controlling interest! Ahahahaha. "So you will now respect me." OK, she's my favorite person on the show again.
* "Two people are responsible for his death." Who's the other?
* Hurley. Awesome car, fast food, mansion.
* Coconut? WHIPSERS. Jesus? "Why am I doing this?"
* Surprise! OK, they totally got me.
* "Jesus Christ is not a weapon."
* Birthday hats. Oh, man. "My mom really doesn't get it, dude."
* Wants nothing to do with the money.
* The car! Fixed! As a memorial initially. Aw. Eep rabbit's foot keychain!
* 481516 2342 "Wow, what a coincidence."
* And, the Orchid. And Ben knows that Widmore knows about the Orchid, and why Ben would head there. Again, how does Widmore know all this super-finite detail?
* "I wasn't being entirely truthful." -Ben, who rules
* Rescue raft, unloaded. Farraday heads back for more. OH, HI MICHAEL.
* (I guess with the captain dead and the mercs away, the boat's kind of running wild.)
* Engines fixed! But, can't see reef because of the, uh, RF interference. Something on the boat is broadcasting.
* Jack and Sawyer find the chopper, and free Lapidus. Pieces, in motion.
* Christian's funeral. Crap, Claire's mom! "He came to see his daughter. My daughter."
* "...You never even knew she was your sister." Man, Jack looks like he was punched in the face.
* "I do not work for Ben." -Michael
* LOT OF EXPLOSIVES. Guess that's what the thing on Keamy's arm is connected to.
* ALPERT! The Others!
* Ben gives instructions to Locke. Batch of anthimums, switch, elevator, etc.
* "How many times do I have to tell you, John? I always have a plan." -Ben
* And, montage.
* "My name in Benjamin Linus. I believe you're looking for me."

Next episode: two weeks from now, and starting at 9, because it's two hours long. Seriously, lame.

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