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"For all of conservatism's evident virtues, it can have one furtive, seedy vice: A justified suspicion of government can degenerate into an anti-government ideology - rigid, stingy and indifferent to human suffering."

Dan Froomkin returns, and while it's always a good read, the section with Bush answering questions from the foreign press is just eye-opening.

Are military lawyers sabotaging the terror trials?

* Political clashes over intelligence reform.
* The Fact Checker takes on Golf-gate.
* Joe Klein on the Hamas accusation.
* Questioning McCain's health.
* Building the next generation of Mars rovers.
* Polar bears named a 'threatened' species, due to climate change. So, uh, what next?
* Can we return to the moon?
* CBS to buy Cnet.

LATimes Q&A with Joss Whedon, including info on his upcoming web musical.

"British courts not eager to give up wigs"

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