PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Well, it's been a tumultuous week. As you may have heard elsewhere, a member of M.'s family had to deal with a sudden illness, and M. has been shuttling back and forth between here and their place in southern MD since then. So, exciting surprise stress out of nowhere. She's there now; the cat sat on my lap for, oh, about four hours straight, ruining my carefully laid plans for this evening.

Hopefully things will begin to settle down soonly.

Last Saturday was a welcome respite, spending time with a certain someone, including tasty sushi, wine, and excellent conversation. Sunday, picked up Z., grabbed some groceries, headed to M.'s parents place, hung out and even did a little board gaming. Monday, caught up with my parents for a belated Mother's Day lunch.

Tonight, trying not to worry. Work tomorrow. Rest of week is up in the air. Party Saturday, fingers crossed.

Gaming obsession of the week: Mutants and Death Ray Guns.

Tags: 2008, bebe, gaming, not news

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