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Previously, on Lost...

Oh, man.

* One turntable, no microphone. The 50's? Huh. "He's twice your age, Emily!"
* CRASH. Hospital. "I'm pregnant!"
* "It's a boy, honey." Premie. "Name him John, please. His name is John."
* Cabin hunt. Walking all day. "What do you mean you're following him?"
* Boat. Chopper returns. Oh, hi Doc.
* "Black pillar of smoke. Threw him fifty feet in the air. Ripped his guts out." -Keamy
* Keamy didn't know how Ben knew all about him.
* Torturing Michael for the info.
* Eye. Locke's, in fact. First up, and hearing... chopping?
* "I'm Horace... Building a getaway for me and the missus."
* Nosebleed. Dead for twelve years! Repeating! More psychometry?
* "You gotta find me, John. And when you do, you'll find him."
* Eye. Locke's, in fact. Ben's awake.
* "I used to have dreams." -Ben
* Mrs. Locke! "He's a fighter, your little John." Adoption?
* "Is that the father?" ALPERT HOLY CATS
* Hugo wants to know why he's been brought along.
* "We can see it because we're the craziest." -Hurley
* Whatever happened to the Dharma Initiative? "We're going to see them." Mass grave.
* Backgammon. Melissa, the sister.
* "I run a school for kids who are extremely special." -Alpert
* Smoke monster drawing!
* Glove, 'Book of Laws,' bottle of... sand?, compass, comic book, knife.
* "Which of these belong to you?" (Dude, this is how they find the new incarnation of the Dalai Lama.)
* He picks the bottle, the compass... and the knife.
* You're sure the knife belongs to you, John?"
* "I'm afraid John isn't read for our school."

Hurley: So. This is where you shot Locke and left him for dead, huh?
Ben: Yes, Hugo. I was standing right where you are now when I pulled the trigger.
[Hurley shifts a little to the side.]
Ben: I should have realized at the time that it was pointless. But I really wasn't thinking clearly.
Hurley: Is that why you killed all these people too?
Ben: I didn't kill them.
Hurley: Well, if the Others didn't wipe out the Dharma Initiative...
Ben: They did wipe them out, Hugo. But it wasn't my decision.
Hurley: Then whose was it?
Ben: Their leader's.
Hurley: But I thought you were the leader?
Ben: Not always.

* Horace, Mathematician. Cabin plans, and map.
* Boat. Mayhew's dead. Chopper's going back.
* Keamy and the captain are only supposed to open the safe together.
* Second protocol. And a folder with the Dharma symbol on it. Where would Ben go to be safe?
* Ah. The captain didn't know about the plan to torch the island.
* "Fix my gun."
* Interesting. The captain wants to keep Sayid and Desmond safe.
* Sayid wants to start ferrying people off the island.
* Locke's sending Hurley home? Nope.
* "He actually thinks staying was his idea. Not bad, John." -Ben
* Young Locke, in a locker. Hee. Hey, looks like someone was a fan of Geronimo Jackson!
* Call from Portland. Mittelos Laboratories, one Professor Alpert. Science camp!
* Locke says he's not a scientist, cares about boxing, sports, cars, etc.
* "Don't tell me what I can't do."
* Frank frees Michael, who tells him about Keamy's plan.
* And Keamy's strapping on... some device.
* And Des won't go back to the island.
* Sayid takes off in the Zodiac. Man, that thing looks like it could hold, what, maybe six people?
* "I was told a lot of things, too." -Ben
* "Those things had to happen to me. That was my destiny."
* Consequences!
* "Guys? Cabin." -Hurley
* And, physical therapy.
* "Don't give up, Mr. Locke. -Abbadon(!)
* "You need to go on a walkabout." He went on one before, huh?
* "Oh, I'm a lot more than just an orderly, John."
* "You'll owe me one."
* Arming up. Morse code came in from the beach, said the Doc's throat was cut.
* And, Frank refuses to fly.
* And, the Doc is dead.
* "Fixed your gun."
* "What is that on his arm?" More the captain wasn't filled in on.
* And, the captain is dead.
* Frank's got the tracking phone.
* And, the beach. Jack's up, against orders. Quick recovery?
* Chopper's coming, something tossed out (and nailing a tent.) Some manuals, and the phone.
* "I think they want us to follow them." -Jack
* Back to the cabin.

Ben: The island wanted me to get sick. It wanted you to get well. My time is over. It's yours now.
Hurley: Yeah. I'm cool with you going in alone.
Ben: Good luck, John.

Locke: Are you Jacob?
Christian: No. But I can speak for him.

* There because he was chosen.
* Claire!
* "There baby's where he supposed to be, and that's not here." -Christian/Jacob
* "How do I save the island?" -Locke
* Hurley and Ben, sharing. Hee.
* "He wants us to move the island." -Locke

Eagle-eyed reporter necrocannibal notes that Horace is played by Doug Hutchison, none other than X-Files's Toomes. Good catch!

More pics to be added later, likely.

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