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"Al-Jazeera journalist Sami al-Hajj, 38, has been freed after being detained at the U.S. military camp for terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for the past six years without being charged or tried for any crime."

Wait, a gay kid can't go to prom because the school is concerned about his safety? What about all the other kids there?

* Interesting: FBI backs off from secret order after lawsuit is filed.
* Wow. Looking into our government's reaction to the creation of Israel.
* Also, on the anniversary, how about the Arabs in Israel?
* And some Palestinians want one state with equal rights for all.
* Ana Marie Cox on an evangelical crisis.
* Five mistakes Clinton made.
* Grand Theft Auto 4 smashes sales records.
* New kids cartoon: Marvel Super Hero Squad!

Evolutionary insights from the platypus genome.

"I always say, 'Come to America, go to community college and marry a Kennedy. It's all very simple.'" -Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

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