PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Man, falling behind again. Stupid busy May and June.

Monday was a cookout at Tigra and Agent Orange's place, big fun. Regent was kind enough to hold bebe so RQ and I could eat our steaks in peace (must trick more friends into this.) Many game discussions were had. Also, pictures were taken by the unstoppable Agent Dieter.

Last night, tasty Greek food in Rockville, followed by a second viewing of The Matrix Revisited with an operative. Another reminder of why I need more time out of the house. All my theories on the movie remain, as well. But today: my problems with the film:

* The annoying kid at Zion. What was his point?
* The Merovingian's Orgasm Cake. This is a case where it's better to not show, because, wireframe = lame, in this circumstance.
* Neo gives Trinity a heart massage. See above. It just doesn't sit right with me.

Er, I thought I had one or two more, so maybe later.

* Yeah, you know what we need on the highways? More billboards.
* Fight the FCC!
* Conspiracy theorists, get cracking. WHO expands power.

Fortune Cookie: "Friends are more valuable than money."
Tags: movies

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