PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Shuttled home after work on Friday, and straight away hit game night. Was a good scene. I had invited pseudotheist to join us, and it's a shame he didn't. We played Last Night on Earth followed by Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and both would be right up his alley. In the second, I was the traitor for I think the first time ever, and I totally almost got those pesky heroes. Fun fun.

Saturday was a slow day at work, the first we've had in I don't know how long. Very cool, though, since I was dead tired. Afterwards, jetted home and showered up. M. piled me into the (borrowed) car, and we headed to the birthday fiesta for tzel. Most excellent crew, I only wish we had been able to show up earlier or stay later. Tentative plans for future hangings-out floated.

Sunday, we picked up Z. early, but yet still ended up running late. Such is the way of things. Metro'ed downtown to the zoo. Good times! The weather was just about perfect. An excellent collection of family and friends, and everyone had lots of fun. Couple people were taking pictures, will link to those if/when they show up. The panda was interesting for the first time ever, also, which was a surprise treat. Z. was very well behaved, on the whole. Her little legs did get tired, though, so she was more into the carrying than she's been in a while. Which didn't do wonders for my back, but hey. Anyways. Excellent times, glad we went.

And man, by the end of the day, we were *beat*. Dragged ourselves home, showered and bathed, and a nice relaxing evening.

So, yes. Busy like a bug. Monday evening is the club of books. Tuesday evening is birthday dinner for Dad. And when we're back on this crazy wheel again.

Overheard while M. was making dinner: "Mommy? A long time ago, what did they use for straws?"

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