PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The central process driving this is not globalization. It's the skills revolution. We're moving into a more demanding cognitive age. In order to thrive, people are compelled to become better at absorbing, processing and combining information."

Scalia says torture isn't cruel and unusual punishment because it's not punishment. So, sleep soundly America.

* On the ground at a US roadblock next to Sadr City.
* Will Congress force Karl Rove to testify under oath?
* Lurita Doan as an example of the flaws of a too-partisan government.
* A Christian manifesto, reclaiming the word 'evangelical' from the realm of politics.
* Mathematically, can Clinton still win? Here's what it would take.
* Heh. Wondering how history will judge Bush? Here's a prime example from his past.
* Neat! New architecture and design in Lebanon.

'Footprint of the Atomic Age in the world's oceans.'

On ultraviolet light and spider sex.

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