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Previously, on Lost...

They're all around us, man!

* Previously Eye. "Jack, I need you to wake up."
* No signal from the boat anymore? Bernard isn't buying it. "I know they're lying." -Jack
* And, flashforward. Jack's shirtless, and I don't see any scar. Panties, Millennium Falcon. And the sports section.
* Per Sledgeweb, the newspaper's date is 8/31/2007.
* And Kate in the shower.
* Planet mobile, book, Aaron.
* "Who in the world am I? That's the reat puzzle."
* "I'm so glad you changed your mind." -Kate
* Miles wants to know what Claire thought she saw.
* Psychometry! "Who's Danielle and Carl?"
* They went through the trouble of burying them? Odd...
* "They're not my buddies, man. I didn't sign up for this." -Miles
* Heh. Juliet knows it isn't food poisoning.
* Shopping list.
* "I'm familiar with surgical instruments." -Farraday
* Create a sterile environment? Sure.
* Restraining order, twenty feet. "Yeah, I getcha." -Miles

Bernard: People get sick, Rose.
Rose: Not here. Here, they get better.

* And Jack wants Kate there.
* ...Dad?
* "Therapy's been rendered useless... Because he doesn't think I exist."
* "We never got off the island." -Hurley
* "Living with Kate, taking care of Aaron... all seems like heaven."
* (I love how Hurley's the character they have express the fans' theories about what's going on. Remember how he mentioned the dinosaur, waaaay back when?)
* He was happy, too... until he saw Charlie.
* Message: "You're not supposed to raise him, Jack."
* "Charlie said someone's going to be visiting you too. Soon."
* And, the medical station.

Jin: Do you think she knows he likes her?
Sun: She's a woman. She knows.

* Power? A mystery.
* "They're not going to help us, Jin." -Sun
* Lapidus! "You gotta hide, man." beep beep
* So, Lapidus was using the phone to track the mercs. Interesting feature.
* The mercs survived the smoke monster attack? I mean, in bad shape, sure, but still...
* I also note they've made Lapidus, Farraday, and Miles out to be good guys, more or less... but not Charlotte.
* Juliet, figures out about Jack and Kate. And now I like Juliet. Heh.
* Scruffy Jack, outside Santa Rosa, at night, watching the benches.
* Two-toned hummer? Ew.
* In other news, Jack has father issues.
* "Will you marry me?"
* Night's always best for emergency surgery on the beach.
* "Charlotte, I know you spoke Korean." -Jin
* "When the helicopter comes for you... You're going to take my wife off this island."
* "Wouldn't you rather be dreaming of something nice back home?" -Bernard
* And, he's out.
* beep. Smoke alarm?
* Wants a prescription for sleeping pills, heh.
* Campfire, no Aaron. "Dad?" GAH
* "Don't worry, it went well." -Bernard
* Suture.
* "I know you're awake." -Juliet
* Man, lotta booze on that table.
* "Trust me. And let it be." -Kate
* Doing something for Sawyer. Made a promise.
* "He made his choice. He chose to stay." -Jack
* Killer whale.
* Claire walked off during the night. With her dad.
* Aaron?

Next week: "He's going to kill everyone."

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