PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

world remains smaller than we were lead to believe

Hit the Foggy Bottom 'farmer's market' before hopping on the Metro, so I took a slightly later train than normal... and ran into annecognito, who was Redlining into MD! Wacky. We caught up, it was a keen distraction to my usual commutey drudgery.

Also, I bought a plant. But no worries, M. will be taking care of it.

Tonight: Top Chef.
Tomorrow: Lost.
Friday: Games night-ing? Maybe.
Saturday: Free comic books on the lunch break, and a soiree thereafter, presuming I can sort out transportation.
Sunday: Z. Zoo?
Monday: Book clubbin'.
Tuesday: Family dinner?
Next Wednesday: Houseguests?

Aye yai yai

Tags: not news

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