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"Intelligence reports from this administration can't be taken at face value. President Bush has built up a prodigious track record of selectively disclosing intelligence findings that serve his political agenda. And some of the most important of those findings, of course, turned out to be completely false. The latest disclosure from the White House's intelligence apparatus - that Syria secretly built a nuclear reactor with North Korean help - is in many ways a blockbuster. But at the same time, its highly suspicious timing raises doubts about the motivation behind its announcement."

Top read: Abu Aardvark on the recent meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

* Sen. Pete Domenici's punishment for putting pressure on a U.S. attorney, and possibly being involved in the scandal involving his firing? 'Qualified admonition.'
* The administration looks to respond to the growing international food crisis.
* On the ground in the Punjab, dealing with a legacy of agricultural crises.
* Thousands left homeless by China's bulldozers in preparations for the Olympics.
* NYTimes editorial on the Pentagon's propaganda push.
* "Has US abstinence policy failed?"
* McCain supporter and goofy preacher John Hagee decides Hurricane Katrina may not, in fact, have been because of the gays.
* Why going out to the movies is still a bargain.

Turns out dinosaurs are even closer to birds than previously thought.

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