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Good read: stagnant wages are squeezing an already-shrinking middle class.

The 25th anniversary of a milestone in our nation's education system - and what it means for where we go from here.

Nice. Doug Feith explains why the Iraq War was everyone else's fault, except his.

* Great. A number of states are already in a recession.
* Country that cried wolf: suspicions over the administration's claims that Syria was building a nuclear reactor.
* Republicans kill bill to safeguard elections. Thanks guys!
* Hey, remember Bush's plan to have government employees compete for their jobs against private contractors? Didn't go too well. I mean, other than damaging morale.
* How not to build a ship: "The program's tribulations speak to what military experts say are profound shortcomings in the Pentagon's acquisitions system."
* multiplexer on McCain's comments on pay disparity.
* The Onion speculates about McCain's running mate.
* McCain, the "compassionate conservative," which sounds familiar.
* Neat! 'Black homestead artifacts unearthed at future site of Intercounty Connector' (Courtesy rshackleford.)

Hollywood plans more chick flicks.

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