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Previously, on Lost...

Giving the people what they want!

* Previously: "We're here for him."
* Jack's got a stomach bug, huh? And, the boat posse isn't back.
* Vincent! Bernard! A dead body! The doc from the boat! Throat, totally cut.
* "We're all going to die." -Hurley
* "I'm attacking Siberia." -Sawyer
* Alex, lead to the fence. "Turn this thing off." Uh...
* Phone rings? "Code 14-J."
* "I think it's for Ben." Heh.
* Ah, a little piano time. Shotgun in the piano bench! Solid gold.
* And, Ben's in a parka. In the Sahara. Holy cats. I bet there's no footprints around him, either.
* AK-47s! "Oh, so you do speak English." (Dude, he totally killed them.) And rides off into the horizon!
* "It's very important that you survive what's happening here, John." -Ben
* "When is kind of a relative term." -Farraday
* ASSAULT. Two redshirts dead! Make that three!
* Tunisia. And not Ben's first time there. Preferred guest, heh. Guess he's there a lot. "Dean Moriarty." Isn't sure what day it is? 10/24/2005!
* "I just want to bury my wife." -Sayid
* Only Jacob can help! And Hurley can find the Cabin.
* "Charlie?" -Claire
* Heh, basket for the baby, good thinking Hurley. (Basket, Moses, Aaron, etc.)
* Doorbell? Miles! Nice. Also, a radio.
* Funeral. In Tikrit, Iraq. And there's Sayid. And some other dude. "I'm here to find the man who murdered your wife." Ishmael Bakir, Widmore's man.
* Heh, Ben knows everything about Martin, the head mercenary.
* Counterproposal? They leave. "Alex, I have this under control."
* "He changed the rules."
* Secret door in the secret room! Covered in symbols.
* And, Bakir's dead. "Once you let your grief become anger, it will never go away."
* "Benjamin? Who's next." Oh, man. Hook, line, sinker.
* HOLY CARP, it's wrecking up the joint.
* "I have to say goodbye to my daughter, John." -Ben
* Radio/hone. Working! Huh. Morse code.
* Uh, oh, Bernard knows Morse code too! "What are you talking about? The doctor's fine." OH, SNAP. Why is Farraday lying?

Jack: Were you ever going to take us off this island?
Farraday: ...No.

* And, Jack's hurting. Appendix?
* "Sorry about your daughter." -John
* Ask Jacob about the Smoke Monster? Sure. Oh, and Jacob can tell them what to do next. Huh.
* Sawyer, Claire, Aaron, and Miles are heading back to the beach. But not Hurley.
* London. Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick?
* Key to the penthouse. "Wake up, Charles."

Charles: Have you come here to kill me, Benjamin?
Ben: We both know I can't do that.

* "I know who you are, boy. What you are." "Everything you have you took from me."
* Ben's going to kill Penny!

Next week: Hey, Jack's appendix.

As noted on Sledgeweb, one of my go-to sites for Lost stuff, the symbol on Ben's parka from 2005 is a symbol we haven't seen before.

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