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Living in the United States of Anxiety, where each day brings news of another threat to us and our way of life.

So, if the environment is in such bad shape, and no one is doing anything about it, why should you bother?

Oh, and that touted 'virtual fence' that would catch all those illegal immigrants? Sacked.

* Will Israel return the Golan Heights? (Hint: don't hold your breath.)
* NYTimes Q&A with David Barstow on his expose on the Pentagon's 'military analysts'.
* Nice. White House threatens to veto workplace discrimination bill.
* Bob Herbert notes that we really, really need to be focusing on the future of American education.
* Howard Kurtz with your primary coverage. Dana Milbank says: "Somebody, please make it stop."
* McCain praises NAFTA and free trade. Joe Klein has some questions for his economic strategy.
* "Painting with oils was taking place in what is now Afghanistan centuries before such techniques were known to Europeans."
* Why the publisher didn't bother making Gordon Ramsay's new book more American.

"The two icons of '70s New Hollywood, heroes to a generation of young actors and filmmakers, have become parodies of themselves."

"I guess my view was that these people were these fanatic people, and this really shows they weren't fanatics... They were human, just like me. They were just doing what they were told to do, and doing it for the love of their country."

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