PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night was a quick dinner at Don Pablo's, followed by a fun soiree for Yatzee's birthday. Some drinking was done, I caught up on 7th Sea info, I ducked out of Catchphrase in favor of chatting with people on the porch. All in all, a fun gathering of some friends. Though the whole night seemed to fly right by, honestly.

The discussion *did* re-convinced me that I want to run a table-top RPG soon (faithful readers of my LJ should know I waffle back and forth on this constantly.) Now, the question once again boils down to finding players (to show up at my cat-and-baby-full house once every couple weeks or so) and what system to run (so I can learn whatever rules I need to. Rules being the thing I am worst at.) And so on and so forth.

* "Nothing in public opinion polls suggests that the country hungers for the $350 billion tax cut approved by Congress yesterday, nor does a significant share of the population view the latest tax cut as the best answer to the economy's weakness."
* Despite the administration's claims otherwise, the Bremer thing was rushed, because they say the public saw the Iraqi thing failing.
* Mueller launches outside review of internal FBI disciplinary investigations.

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