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"The U.S., once the greatest can-do country on the planet, now can't seem to do anything right. The great middle class has maxed out its credit cards and drained dangerous amounts of equity from family homes. No one can seem to figure out how to generate the growth in good-paying jobs that is the only legitimate way of putting strapped families back on their feet."

Bush confirms White House involvement in 'harsh interrogation' meetings. Good news! They decided against live burials. Seriously. These were the tough calls your government was making.

Bonus: what do they mean by 'permanent base'?

* No pressure, guys: finance ministers from around the world meet to deal with the global economic crises.
* Cheney is back to pushing war with Iran.
* The House Judiciary Committee seeks contempt ruling against Bolten and Miers.
* Texas formed its own view of the Jeffs followers.
* When did the Clinton campaign first falter?
* The conservative response to isn't working out.
* Scientific American takes on Ben Stein's anti-evolution movie.
* Wow. Bad news for Tom Cruise, as another pushback for Valkyrie is seen as another blow to his career.

Good read: John Tierney on cognitive dissonance and the Monty Hall conundrum.

Want clues on the new X-Files movie? Chris Carter recommends revisiting these episodes.

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