PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

A butterfly flaps its wings at Union Station...

Wow. Commute from heck this morning.

Red Line was running late, which isn't even a surprise anymore. So, the train starts packed. And it's getting worse as rush hour comes on, and delays build. So, at Union Station (which is always crowded with MARC riders) the doors won't close because someone's bag is sticking out, a few cars ahead of mine. The conductor warns people to stand clear of the doors, that there's another train a few minutes behind. People start grumbling. Conductor warns again, saying he'll just take the train out of service, unload everyone. And then he follows through, and orders everyone off the train. Now, mind you, there were people left off the train in the first place, and now we're dumping a couple hundred more people on, plus new people showing up, because, you know, rush hour. The place is a frikkin' zoo of irate commuters. And that crowd is going to take a while to get out of there, especially considering all the Red Line trains in that direction are going to be delayed, and thusly, crowded.

So, however many hundreds of people late, all thanks to one guy who refused to get off the train. I'm hoping he gets what's coming to him, karmically.

I'd really love to know why the conductor didn't contact the Metro security at Union Station and just get them to pull the offending dude off the train. Rather than, you know, mess up everything else for everyone else.

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