PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Me: Yeah, I want to see Down With Love.
Them: Don't it's bad.
Me: You've seen it?
Them: No, but reviews said it was bad.
Me: But it's by the guy who did Bring It On.
Them : I didn't see that either.
Me: asfgadfkldjhsa;

Yesterday, caught Free Enterprise, which is the best William Shatner movie I have seen in a long time (though, I haven't seen the Esperanto one yet.) Anyways, it's a good movie, and Shatner is really just the subplot. It's very geek-intensive, while at the same time about a bunch of guys growing up and getting old. But it's worth it for William Shatner rapping Julius Caesar. Yes, the Shakespeare play.
Tags: movies

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