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Monday was book club at our place. Good times! Many suggestions were flowing, though, oddly, not in the 'suggestions for next month' part of our evening. Regardless, here is what we're reading for next month, if you're inclined to come try it out.

New icons = almost done. Just sorting out the last couple.

Very far behind on gaming and comic book purchases. Trying not to think about it, as there's plenty of, you know, real finance issues floating around. But man, these new Star Wars figs...

The other hot topic these days is we finally got the Tivo hooked up and running, thanks to some heavy lifting by eracerhead. Now, sorting out all the fine details, like how to get shows to not tape over each other and the like.

Last Saturday was a fine soiree in Riverdale, a going-away party for zombie_dog. Caught up with a lot of folks I haven't seen in too long. (For future reference, it takes me about a half-hour to walk to their house, prob. longer if I don't want to be as sweaty when I arrive.) But yes. Good party. Quite crowded in parts.

And the day before that was some Horrorclix at Dream Wizards with pseudotheist. Fun! Also, I won, so, yay me.

Coming up:

Can't make the family birthday dinner this week, because it was planned for this Thursday, when I work. Oops.

Final season of Battlestar starts this Friday! I'll be sorry to see it go, because it's a damn good show. Points for them going out on top, though.

And oddly, I don't think we have plans Saturday. Always odd when that happens.

Man, this post is a lot more disjointed than I originally planned.

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