PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Let's say a giant asteroid was headed toward Earth right now and experts say it has a good chance of ending civilization as we know it. Let's also say that we've known about this asteroid for years but even as it gets closer and closer our leaders do nothing. 'Don't worry,' they tell us, 'The next administration will figure something out.'"

Sign of the times: thieves are leaving the cars, but stealing the catalytic converters.

Asking a judge to stop a supercollider in case it, you know, accidentally destroys Earth.

* Ugh. Somalia is on the verge of collapse. Again.
* China may turn a corner for the worse on Tibet. Also, the Explainer on why China cares so much about Tibet.
* The fight to retake Basra isn't going well. Is Iraq headed for a meltdown? Abu Aardvark wonders whether or not the administration knew about the Basra mission ahead of time.
* Inside a Hizballah training camp.
* "The Federal Reserve would have the power to regulate virtually the entire financial industry under a Treasury Department proposal to be announced Monday."
* Haditha update: only one Marine still faces charges.
* Why the candidates avoid talking about urban issues.
* The TSA is going to update its policy on nipple rings.

Listen to the oldest recorded human voice.

The return of... the Lone Ranger?

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