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"Plastic waste in the oceans poses a potentially devastating long-term toxic threat to the food chain"

The military increases its strikes in Pakistan, before the government changes.

* Once again, one of the military's private contractors turns out to be shady and a screw-up. Seriously, is there no oversight on this issue anymore?
* "One blog post I've been meaning to write lately is that 'fact-checking' - which I love, don't get me wrong, and which is hugely important - is nevertheless very 20 minutes ago. What we need to be doing is 'world-view checking.'" -Dan Froomkin, LiveOnline transcript
* Why NATO is still relevant, and even important.
* BAGnewsNotes with their picture to sum up five years in Iraq.
* McCain details his foreign policies. Obama outlines his economic plans. David Brooks on Clinton's long defeat.
* Huh. How Hitler had planned to rebuild Berlin after he won the war.
* The Japanese developer who created Tokyo's skyline has bigger plans for the future.
* "Ten years after his start doing gospel plays in black theatres, [Tyler Perry] has made $500 million and is the most prominent Black conservative evangelical on earth."

"The Disney princesses aren't sweet and innocent. They're a gang of vicious hoodlums, and they're plotting against you."

The New Cult Canon: They Live. Aw, yeah.

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