PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Best headline pretty much ever: Alabama taps drinking pig for tourism mascot.

* Foreigners now guilty until proven innocent. I bet if we marked them with big yellow stars, they'd be easier to spot.
* Supreme Court to revisit seperation of church and state.
* Israeli restrictions hindering Gaza relief efforts.
* Democratic model for Iraq: Belgium?
* Investigation into the Honduran prison riot looking more like a state-sponsored massacre.
* Reports of cannibalism in the Congo.
* A new American strong ally: a modern Australia?
* Chimps belong on the human family tree?
* Cosmic database opening up the night sky.
* Ooooh, Einstein's papers available online.
* Iraqis enjoy media freedom.
* Diversity increased in the fall TV lineups.
* Fingers crossed: no new reality shows at the start of the fall lineup.
* New Gus Van Sant film on school violence.
* Write in your own joke: Ireland cracks down on alcohol marketing.

"If people cite us as an influence, I don't know why. I base it on that we've been around for 23 years. Not that we're any good."
-Jay Bentley, from Bad Religion

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