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"...According to the Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia, there are 277 confirmed 'extrasolar' planets, and quite a few more on the list of those suspected but not yet confirmed. This explosion in planetary discoveries is taking place at such warp speed that even those most intimately involved are often amazed - especially because their ultimate goal is nothing less than finding life elsewhere in the universe."

"Unlike soldiers of previous wars, who were only occasionally able to write letters, many who served and died in Iraq left behind an extraordinary electronic testimony."

* Is Bush's reluctance to act on economic matters just a matter of principle?
* Andrew Sullivan on how he screwed up on Iraq.
* Good read: Abu Aardvark praises Obama's speech... on Iraq.
* Finances may force small towns in New Jersey to merge.
* Protesting the war at an Easter Mass? Unclassy, people.
* Richardson snaps back at Clinton's campaign.
* Interesting: NBC TV studios to split into two.
* A-Team movie? I refuse.

Top 20 kickass female genre characters.

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