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"President Bush on Wednesday said something demonstrably false and inflammatory about Iran - asserting that the Iranian government has 'declared they want to have a nuclear weapon to destroy people.' The Iranians have never done any such thing - and for Bush to say so at a time of great tension between the two countries is bizarre at best."

Oooh. Gene Weingarten immerses himself in 24 hours of nothing but pure punditry. (Bonus: his editor's note.)

* Good read: "What is there to say on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war? It's been a mess ever since the U.S. tanks rolled into Baghdad and the place collapsed in chaos and looting."
* Questioning the 'Star Wars' missile shield plan, twenty-five years later.
* Interesting. Washington's grand experiment to rehouse the poor.
* A new scandal brewing at HUD?
* Who's looking at your passport files? Oh, everybody.
* On candidates and cluster bombs.
* Howard Kurtz with the fallout from Obama's speech.
* Joe Klein with an interesting road map for Clinton.
* CBS cancels Jericho, again.

Scientists surveying the Antarctic waters find some big surprises.

New Cult Canon: Babe: Pig in the City. (We actually just watched this the other week, and it's surprisingly good.)

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