PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Your IN-ter-web and mine

Man, moving webpages is hard. Especially when you oversleep, and have a birthday dinner for your older sister tonight. The good news is, thanks to the inimitable Pickett, I was able to tar up all my files. Thusly, I can now leisurely just have a webpage that looks like crap for a week while I put things back in place and update links and everything.

NOTE: Dynamic links really are better. Really. I flip-flopped before, but I was right in the first place.

After a nice birthday dinner for Tesla (yay!) a bunch of us caught Fellowship of the Ring again. Two Towers sneak stuff on the end ruled, but really, what I expected. Not sure how Wormtongue looks, but I will survive. We then retired to the Apartment of Many Toes, and watched the Maryland game (don't ask) and the first half of Neverwhere. Which I have seen a bunch, but none of them had. And, enigmatically, I have to mention that I enjoyed this viewing, but not for the reasons you think.

Let me tell you, I live in interesting times.

Friday, got a handful of people together at my place, in response to a chromosome-specific gathering at Sailor Tork's. As I got to have dinner and then hang out with Operative X, I could make the argument I got the better end of the deal. Anyways, much like most game nights at my place, I didn't actually play any board games, though they played Bounty, a pirate-ish board game which looked faintly interesting.

The Under Boss is gone this week at work, so I hope to get my projects finished, and work more on getting these new people brought up to speed. And now the April birthday era is upon us, so free time returns to being a premium. Couple movies out I need to see, though, so will have to budget wisely. And possibly, New York trip this weekend. Time will tell.

Happy Easter everyone. Eat a chocolate egg for your crucified god. I know I sure will.

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