PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"It's never exactly been a secret that Vice President Cheney operates by his own rules and thinks he knows better than the American public. But yesterday, he made it official."

Abu Aardvark on looking ahead to announcing a withdrawal from Iraq, and what would happen next.

* "Inflation is walloping Americans with low and moderate incomes as the prices of staples have soared far faster than those of luxuries."
* And while lower property taxes are a good thing, that means less income for the already overburdened local governments.
* With an expanded role, the UN budget increases.
* Michigan more or less drops efforts for a primary do-over.
* Follow-up: Scooter Libby disbarred.
* Sweep: "all but two of the Republican leaders who controlled the House before Democrats seized power in the 2006 elections are gone or on their way out."
* More drone flights in the Middle East?
* Actor Paul Scofield passed away.

Digging under Rome always yields more historical artifacts.

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