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Previously, on Lost...

Why does Widmore need a psychic Ghostbuster for the rescue mission?

* Previously: "We're going to have to take the boy." 'compass bearing of 3-2-5' "...You and your son will find rescue."
* Book club? Oh, hi Miles.
* "No more secrets." -Locke
* Can't turn him over. Orders to kill everyone on the Island once they have Ben.
* That siren on the ship sounds like the siren from the Swan Station.
* "Nobody leaves this ship without my say so!" -Captain

Sayid: Why are you on this boat?
Kevin: I'm here to die.

* Heh, Sawyer knows about the $3 million. "Linus will find a way to get it." -Miles
* "Alex, may I have a word with you?" Map to the Temple, last sanctuary on the Island, and possibly where the Others have been hiding out. (Here's the map compared to the Tempest map.)
* "We should go." -Rousseau
* "More dangerous than you?" -Alex
* And, flashback. Letter-writing.
* 'Better every day...'
* Pinning the note to himself. "I'm sorry."
* Eye. Hospital. LIBBY
* "The note pinned to your chest. It was written to Walt."
* Momma Dawson. Walt doesn't want to see him.
* She can't tell anyone about them, and can't use their real names!
* Walt wakes up screaming.
* Pawning Jin's watch! For a gun.
* HOLY CATS IT'S TOM "We're the ones that sent you home, Michael. Did you honestly think we wouldn't keep tabs on you?"
* "You told him, didn't you?"
* "You can't kill yourself. The Island won't let you."
* Quiz show answer: Kurt Vonnegut. And, wreckage found. Unlikely to recover black box.
* Arturo?
* Some of the Others can come and go.
* "That's not your plane." Widmore staged it.
* "Did the bullet bounce off your skull, or did the gun just jam on you?"
* File. Bodies dug up, surplus plane purchased. Freighter.
* And, passport. "Meet Kevin Johnson."
* "Because if Widmore finds the Island, he'll kill everyone on it."
* Redemption, huh?
* "You're going so you can kill everyone on board."
* And, the Kahana. Oh, hi, Minkowski. And Naomi.
* Crate. Posion gas? Crazy gas?
* "Your name isn't Kevin." -Miles
* Man, Frank's damn chatty. He signed up because Widmore believed him.
* Target practice with submachine guns?
* "I thought we were going on a rescue mission." -Kevin
* Case. Bomb! THE SONG. LIBBY. "Don't do it, Michael."
* And, no boom. Test? NOT YET.
* "You going Nicholson on us?" -Minkowski
* Call? Walt? Heh, Ben, from his secret room. "You actually activated the bomb?"
* Ben won't kill innocents? Huh. No one asked Michael to kill them, heh.
* Make a list, send over names. Then disable the radios, then the engines.
* "Consider yourself one of the good guys." -Ben
* Sayid turns him in. WTF.
* Carl has a bad feeling. Then, a worse one.
* Running! Rousseau, NOOO
* "I'm Ben's daughter!"

Next episode, April 24th? "Welcome to the war."

OK. So. Who told the Mother Dawson that she isn't allowed to use Walt and Michael's real names, or reveal that they're alive?

And how big is Ben's influence and organization on the outside?

And was Tom just about the Island not letting people kill themselves?

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