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"Two deaths, the lynching of a 10-year-old girl and the hanging of Saddam Hussein, provide the grim bookends of my time in Iraq."

How many trillions of taxpayer dollars?: by any measurement, the administration's estimates for the cost of the war in Iraq dramatically missed the mark.

The war in public opinion, five years later.

* Reframing the Second Amendment question over DC's gun ban.
* Quietly, the Bush administration changes its tone on Hamas and No Child Left Behind.
* Telling details: McCain and foreign policy.
* A woman writes to confront her neurotic anxiety.
* Neat. Mummified dinosaur found in North Dakota.
* Chester Cheetah turned evil. (And I swear that's Christopher Lee doing his voice in the commercial.)
* The NYC crane collapse is fascinating to me. Here's another story, of a man's home impaled by a steel beam.
* And the #1 most watched network is... Fox.

Info from the SciFi Channel upfronts, including details on the Galactica prequel and some new shows.

The AVClub interviews Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Tags: 2008, news, science!, tv

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