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As noted previously, M. and I snuck out last week to cash in the last of our AMC gift cards (a most excellent gift) and caught 10,000 B.C. Right off the bat, no, it wasn't historical, and no, that wasn't a problem. They even make an excuse for it, early in the movie, by explaining it's the story of a legend. And on that mythological level, it works, as that also helps explain the Holllywood-itis that permeates the film. That being said, it's a very visual movie, and a lot of fun for an action flick with a mythological bent. Catch it in theaters if you can, but don't expect much more than a caveman action movie. (Note: amusing spoiler in the comments section.) Also, I want dreads now.

New trailers:
* The Dark Knight - Holy cats, can't wait.
* Speed Racer - Hadn't actually caught this trailer yet, and, uh, huh. A lot more cartoony and scifi than I expected. And the cars in Cars looked more realistic. On the other hand, John Goodman cracked me up with, like, two words.
* Get Smart - Inspired casting, should be fun, and a remake people won't complain about. Fun cast, too (Hiro and the Rock!)
* Wanted - OK, for those who don't know, the awesome comic book this was based on involved a league of supervillains, not a league of assassins. Thusly, while this might be a fun action movie, I will always be a little sad, thinking about the movie we could have had. (Angelina Jolie as Catwoman!) Sigh.
* The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - Looks better than the first, already.

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