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Well, now that I have seen it, I can now discuss The Matrix Reloaded.

After getting out of X2, I had some things to discuss with comic book-reading friends. Whereas this Matrix movie has me taking notes of points to discuss. While I avoided as much spoiler-y discussion beforehand as I could, one thing I noted was a lot of people saying the movie was heavily steeped in religious and philosophical imagery and themes. I thought this was strange, because those were featured in the first one as well. But man, they really kicked the whole thing up a notch for the sequel.

Oh, and I was thinking of running a small RPG campaign set in the Matrix, probably using Adventure! rules, but after seeing this, I doubt that will be happening.

* There was a much different tone to this one. The look and feel was just, more complex. The first was more straightforward superhero/scifi, with some extra bits thrown in to make it deeper. This one, much more complex.
* Now with that, I think some of the Zion stuff went on too long. I'm not sure exactly how, but yeah.
* However, let me mention the rave scene in Zion was s.e.x.x.y.
* Oooh, mechs in Zion. And looks like in Revolutions, we get to see them FIGHT.
* The scene with Neo dealing with his followers was awesome. It was a treat also seeing that, well, a lot of logical people think Morpheus is a crackpot.
* Once again, all the symbolic names. Heh, Mifume.
* The mythology of the whole thing was *greatly* expanded. More sentient programs, exiles, etc. I'm definitely liking it, even though it gets a little wonky at times.
* The expanded role for Agent Smith is working *very* well, especially with all the talk of destiny and fate, and the link between him and Neo. Oh, and from the trailer, looks like we get even more in Revolutions.
* My revelation: I think the Merovingian (again with the names!) is a previous "One."
* One thing I didn't expect to see in the new Matrix movie was any mention of vampires, werewolves and ghosts. But then again, Persephone using silver bullets on the old programs!
* Whoah, the Architect. Sixth world? Might as well bring in some Aztec mythology while we're at it, and mix it up with the Buddhist stuff. though now I am fuzzy as to how long each 'cycle' of the Matrix lasts, and how they have the timeline run and whatever.
* I'm torn as to who was the best guest star: Jet Li as Seraph, Donald Sutherland as the Architect, or Cary Elwes as the Merovingian.
* I can just see the Wachowski brothers sitting around watching the Matrix hit it big, and then realizing "Damnit! We forgot to put in a samurai sword!"
* Neo stops the Sentinels! Dizzam. He *is* the Kwisatz Haderach.

So, do me a favor. If you had one of these discussions after you saw the movie, drop a reply here with a link to your discussion. I need many opinions.
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