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just some top news, as it's been an odd week

"Let me be clear on one crucial point: it is the terrorists whom we won over with humane methods in the 1990s who continue to provide the most reliable intelligence we have in the fight against al-Qaeda. And it is the testimony of terrorists we tortured after 9/11 who have provided the most unreliable information, such as stories about a close connection between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein."

"But there is something bizarrely disconnected from reality about his account. It's entirely possible Bush will leave office next year having presided over the worst eight-year stretch for the U.S. economy since the Depression (or at least the 1970s). And all he can say is that tax cuts are good?"

"Government cannot be trusted with unchecked power to snoop on Americans. How hard is that to get across?" -Dan Froomkin, LiveOnline transcript

The new face of world hunger.

Analysis: "This is what a reordering of the world economy looks like in real time."

Transcript of Keith Olbermann taking Clinton to task over her reaction to the Ferraro dust-up. Good read as always (and the video's there too, and well worth it.)

Seeing Iran as an opportunity, not a threat.

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