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Previously, on Lost...

* Previously: "Looks like you guys have a friend on this boat."
* "Lapidus, you ready?"
* Oh, hi Regina. "You know your book's upside down." (More on the book here.)
* Lima beans, mmm. Problem in the kitchen, huh?

Sayid: I still want to talk to the captain.
Frank: No, you don't.

* Helicopter's been gone for three days now.
* "Let's talk about baby names." -Jin
* Superstitious? Why would anyone be superstitious on a freaky island full of polar bears, smoke monsters, and ghost kids?
* And, Sun's flash forward. Hee, she's watching Expose. I love that show.
* "I'm pregnant... and I think something's wrong."
* And, Jin. Needs a panda stat! (Bonus: Totoro sighting.)
* "I guess she didn't want to explain why they were on their way to a poison gas factory." -Kate
* Never talk about rescuing them, good point.
* "I hope they've resolved their kitchen issues." -Sayid
* Sun, meet Daniel. "So, you're here to rescue us?" See, this is why I like Sun. The direct approach.
* "It's not really my call, Sun." -Daniel
* "I understand better than I speak." -Jin
* I love their parachute-covered dining area how could they possibly leave all that behind?
* "You need to find food for two days... we're going to Locke's camp." -Sun
* "Please just give me the vitamins." -Sun (damn!)
* And, Sun's officially one of the Six.
* Dude, that guy just totally stole the panda! (And his giant-ass cell phone got run over.)
* Bonus: your new wallpaper.
* Year of the Dragon, very lucky? Wait, that means it's 2000 or 2012. Hmm.
* Map! I love me some maps. Northwest of the stream, gotcha.
* "She's not going anywhere." -Juliet, using her bitchy doctor voice
* "Translate for me." "No."
* Told him about the affair! Oh, snap.
* Bonus: Sun face!
* Fishing. Oh, Bernard.
* Only two married guys on the island. Hey, good point.
* Told him about the cancer, and the cure.

Jin: Then why do you stay with Jack.
Bernard: Because it's the right thing to do. Locke is a murderer.

* Karma. "We must be the good guys, huh?" Oh Bernard, we love you. Makes things better without even understanding what's going on.
* Ship. Banging on the pipes?
* And, the helicopter's gone.
* Oh, hi Regina. Nice chains. Jumped! And, no one cares. Hmmm.
* Meet Captain Gault. "Some of my crew have been dealing with... a hyper case of cabin fever."
* Engines sabotaged, can't move to safer waters. Orders from... Charles Widmore.
* Flight data recorder from Oceanic 815! Which means they knew what to expect when they got there, or at least some of it.
* Found with the wreckage... and the bodies. Obviously staged. But who would have the resources to do it, and why?
* 'One of the reasons we want Benjamin Linus.' Wowzah.
* "If you go, you will die, and your baby will never be born." -Juliet
* Fastest labor ever! It's a girl!
* And, Sayid and Des's new cabin, complete with roaches and a suspicious bloodstain.
* Kevin Johnson. Yes, what we expected, but still, eee.
* "I made dinner." -Jin
* "I know the man I used to be. Before this island."
* And, they're not going to Locke's camp.
* "I've only been married for two months." Ting!
* Hurley in a suit! Sharp. Bonus: more Sun face! "She looks just like Jin."
* "I guess we should go see him."
* Tombstone. Apparently giving the date of his death as the date of the crash. "You were right. It's a girl." -Jin

Man, saddest episode evar.

So, the Oceanic 6 are: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and Aaron, am I correct? Presuming they're counting Aaron.

And if she's just having the kid now, I guess they get rescued relatively soon, too.

Interesting to hear the captain confirm the majority of Ben's tale, too.

I kind of expected Zoe Bell to have a bigger part. Weird. (And yes, I checked this time to make sure that was her. Heh.)

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