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don't forget to set your clocks forward tonight

"Hearing damage is the No. 1 disability in the war on terror, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, and some experts say the true toll could take decades to become clear.

Coming out strong in defense of torture, Bush vetoes bill banning waterboarding. The NYTimes thinks it's a legacy thing.

Honoring the last surviving American World War 1 vet.

* Violence is on the rise again in Iraq. Also, thousands of Iraqis march in Basra to demand protection from crime.
* The GAO wants more oversight over our intelligence agencies.
* Bad economic news: "The world is coming to an end. Yes, you can quote me on that." (Bonus: NYTimes analysis.)
* Interesting. California takes a strong stand against home schooling.
* On the ground with basketball season in Lebanon. No, really.
* Pondering McCain's running mate.
* Michael Chertoff gives an instructive lesson in when to stop talking. Heh.
* Andrew Cohen on the airline passengers' bill of rights.
* On math and midges.
* "...Daylight saving time resulted in an $8.6 million increase in spending on residential electricity."

A sneak peek at Serenity: Better Days.

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