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"Sorry to break in on this party line, but here's an important announcement for Democrats: You are doing John McCain's work for him. While the presumptive Republican nominee rests, the two remaining Democratic candidates are working as hard as they can to make each other appear unfit to lead."

A charter school asks: "Would six-figure salaries attract better teachers?"

"It's looking more and more like we'll have 'do-over' caucus contests in Michigan and Florida, a compromise that manages to combine the undemocratic format of caucuses with the permissiveness of bad parents who make rules only to allow their children to break them."

* Good read: how statewide budget cuts, fueled by a loss of federal money, are impacting small-town America.
* Oversight, schmoversight. White House says no Congressional approval is needed when setting a long-term security agreement with Iraq. Because, you know, who cares what the American people think.
* Journalists discuss five years in Iraq.
* Analysis: how Iran has benefited from our invasion of Iraq.
* Looking for a pattern in the Times Square bombing.
* Bush has spent literally a third of his presidency on vacation. So far.
* Victor Bout, that famous arms dealer who was just arrested, has some ties to the US government that might prove embarrassing.
* The Fact Checker looks at Clinton's taxes and why they are an issue.
* Looking back at the Huckabee candidacy - and what comes next.
* Taking on the Whole Foods mindset: on the hypocrisy of the green consumer. (Courtesy judithiscariot.)
* Turns out the Grand Canyon is older than we thought.
* Germany wants a new medal for bravery... but not the Iron Cross.
* I don't buy action figures anymore, but I don't know if I will be able to resist a figure of Scud (or the Maxx!)

A new anime version of Lilo & Stitch?

Robin D. Laws has a great new idea for a Facebook application: the Freak-Out Pie.

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