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Previously, on Lost...

20: GOTO LINE 10

* Previously: "What's this for?"
* Zen rock garden. Juliet's big hair. "I really don't think I need therapy."
* Doesn't like being treated like a celebrity. "Welcome to the island."
* "I'm only going to be here for six months."
* Belly rubs!
* Charlotte and Farraday are gone, and so is their stuff.
* "You said they are friends." "Aren't they?"
* And, rain.
* Whispers! "Hello Juliet. Long time no see."
* "I came to deliver a message from Ben."
* They're headed to the Tempest. 'Deploy the gas.'
* Jack can see her! "I'm an old friend of Juliet." Did Jack hear the whispers?
* Goodwin!
* "Harper hates me." Mean and spiteful. "She's my wife."
* "I know a chemical burn when I see one."
* Tempest is the electrical station that powers the island.
* Farraday's map. "What happens if I can't do it?"
* Oh, hi Kate.
* And, Charlotte and Daniel are terrible liars.

Jack: You people had therapists?
Juliet: It's very stressful being an Other, Jack.

* "You look just like her." -Harper
* "I don't want him to get hurt."
* "...why they think we might be hostile." -Claire
* "This didn't have a number on it, did it?" -Ben
* "I always have a plan." -Ben
* "I guess I'll have to show you." -Ben
* And, beach picnic.
* "Ben wouldn't like it." Everyone knows he has a crush, heh.
* "I could kill every man, woman, and child on the island if I flip the wrong switch." -Goodwin
* Should have caught up by now. Oh, hi Kate. "Jack. They had gasmasks."
* And, Juliet's gone.
* "We don't even have to leave the living room." Behind the picture...
* 36-15-28. 'RED SOX' "I taped over the game."
* Car, warehouse. Charles Widmore. It's his boat! "This is the man that's been trying to find the island."
* Wants to exploit it!
* And, Widmore looked at the camera. Eee!
* Complete file.
* Man on the boat? "You might want to sit down."
* And, the Tempest. Access pad busted. Hotwired?
* Man, nice gun, Juliet.
* Ham dinner with Ben! And Ben is downright giddy.
* Been wonderful with Zach and Emma. "They're on the list. Who are we to question the list?"
* Siren. Warning. Tempest symbol. 'Manual override failed.' Hazmat suits.
* "Juliet! What are you doing here?!"
* 'Countermeasures will begin...' eee!
* Trying to render the gas inert? Worried Ben will kill everyone with the gas.
* Monitors. "Man. That was a close one."
* And, Goodwin's corpse. Man, once again, Ben straddles the line between awesome and awful so well in a single episode.
* "It's alright, they're on our side." -Juliet
* "These people came here to wage war against Ben. And he's going to win."
* Horseshoes. Oh, hi Ben.

Next week: 'Don't trust the captain.'

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