PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Interesting read: Abu Aardvark on comparing the candidates' opinions on public diplomacy for the next term.

* Oversight much? FBI confirms yet more privacy violations to be reported soon. Also, the FBI is looking into more civil rights cases.
* Hee. Gene Weingarten on courting superdelegates. (Courtesy pictsy.)
* Dick Polman on the Rezko influence. (Honestly, I think the NAFTA mess is worse, but hey.)
* Bonus: Obama on gay rights.
* Texas fights to maintain its ban on sex toys. (NSFW.)
* Holy cats, Mike Gravel is still running!
* Meanwhile, Cuba... remains the same.
* Revisiting the controversy over declawing cats.
* Gary Gygax, remembered: obituaries at the LATimes and the BBC. Plus, tributes from Robin D. Laws and John Kovalic and Penny Arcade.

Tags: 2008, gaming, news
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