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"There has been little public conversation about the consequences of the costs of the Iraq war, which are like a cancer inside the American economy."

Excellent report from Mr. Froomkin on why immunity for the telecoms matters.

Analysis: the asymmetric war in Gaza.

* BBC Q&A: Iran and the nuclear issue. Plus, new sanctions.
* Are Venezuela and Colombia heading towards war?
* Richard Perle on the arms race myth.
* BBC Q&A: rising food prices.
* The global warming skeptics meet to discuss their increasingly-unpopular agenda.
* An author tries to understand World War 2 by looking at newspapers of the time.
* "The show was an outright bomb, with The Hollywood Reporter saying that it had earned the worst 10 p.m. time period ratings for the network in 17 years."

Yow. "Rising numbers of allergies and immune-system diseases could be a result of a modern lifestyle."

'From spotted hyenas, clues to why the human brain grew so large and complex.'

Next generation: 'the Cadillac of Mars rovers'

Tags: 2008, news, science!
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